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4. Certificate in Holistic Pulsing ~ the gentle art of body-mind therapy.

Certificate in Holistic Pulsing Level 5, 40 credits, 400 hours

HHT's Certificate in Holistic Pulsing is the first mind-body programme to gain NZQA approval. A Level 6 Diploma in Holistic Pulsing is in preparation.

What is Holistic Pulsing?

Holistic Pulsing is a system of hands-on healing that creates a very special therapeutic relationship between client and practitioner.

In a Holistic Pulsing session, the clothed client lies on a therapy table. The therapist generates movement through the client’s body by applying a series of “rocking” or “pulsing” techniques. As the ripples spread through the fluids in the body, right down to cellular level, muscles and other tissues “let go.”

On a physical level, this letting go can lead to a state of deep relaxation, with results similar to meditation. As body processes like heart and breathing rate slow down, the brain and internal organs get a bath of oxygen-rich blood, and the Nervous System gets time-out. Wound and tissue repair are enhanced as circulation of blood and lymph are gently stimulated.

The attention of the therapist remains with the client in a “being with” way, bringing qualities of gentleness, softness, lightness and freedom to the session. The emphasis is on the triggering and support of internal healing systems, with the therapist acting as a facilitator rather than a “fixer”.

At all times, the therapist trusts the inner wisdom of the client, just as the client trusts the skills, knowledge and intent of the therapist. It’s a shared journey into the vast potential of selfhealing that much “modern“ medicine leaves untapped.

At deeper levels, the letting go can move to emotional processes. Body and mind are intimately connected. Letting go of a muscular tension or stress pattern, such as a clenched jaw, or hunched shoulders, can bring an emotional holding to the surface - into conscious awareness.

Therapists facilitate these releases in a non-judgemental, nonfixing way. They may use pulsing techniques, body movements, imagery or other verbal tools to invite, support and affirm these processes. Additional qualities may enter the therapeutic relationship, such as enquiry, active listening and intuition.

The model used for Holistic Pulsing sessions is based on Hakomi principles. This provides a safe, grounded framework for client and therapist. Trust and rapport within the relationship isn’t incidental to the process. It’s a vital part of it.

Holistic Pulsing is client-centred therapy. A healthy healing relationship between client and practitioner is at the core of the work. Holistic Pulsing therapists train not only in physical techniques, but also learn vital interpersonal, communication and practitioner skills that are an essential part of the process.

There is also a strong element of personal growth and awareness in Holistic Pulsing training. Modelling - practising what you preach! is important. In attending to the emotional health of the therapist, and acknowledging mana and charisma as important healing tools, we are looking back at millennia of wisdom across all cultures where the healing relationship played a vital role of helping to generate wellness.

But we also look forward to the cutting edge of mind-body research and neuro-biology, using new information not available to our forebears to help us understand what mechanisms are at work in healing. Gathering evidence to support this growing body of research is an important task for holistic mind-body practitioners, and we are proud to be part of this “new wave.”

For information about Holistic Pulsing training, contact us to request a Prospectus. For general information, visit the official website of the Holistic Pulsing Guild of New Zealand Inc.,

Brochure: Holistic Pulsing Therapy (1.4Mb .pdf)

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