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2. Interpersonal, Communication and Practitioner Skills for holistic body workers and people who help others

A fascinating, informative and practical course to improve your skills and knowledge when you are in relationship to others.

Uses models, techniques and theory from a wide range of psychotherapy methods.

This course will train you in specific techniques enabling you to work holistically with others in a safe, competent and healthy way.

Contains useful models, hints and lots of extraordinary information about the way humans inter-relate with each other.

There is also a Modality Guide to all the major Complementary and Alternative Therapies available in New Zealand, with links to some providers.

Course Description ~ Module-by-Module Summary.

Module 1. From Healer to Hospital and Back Again.

The history of healing and the placebo effect - why The Healer is making a comeback. A fascinating trawl through the history of Western medicine from Hippocrates’ time to the present.

Module 2. The anatomy of relationship.

Get to grips with the functioning of the emotional brain. Why do we react in certain ways to certain things?? This Module dissects the human Nervous System and explains some weird and wonderful phenomena, such as the emotional impact of smells, and why we just really don’t get along with some folk!

Module 3. The Therapeutic Cycle; Safety and how to create it.

A wonderful model of the healing relationship that fits all modalities. This framework is based loosely on Hakomi principles, and provides you with insight into how relationships work at every stage from meeting through to departure.

Module 4. Communication.

Body language, proxemics and active listening skills. Just how do clairvoyants do it? This Module will give you some clues, and teach you basic “body language interpretation” skills to employ that help you get ahead in therapeutic relationships.

Module 5. Games People Play.

Interpersonal relationships can be a minefield. Understanding the steps people dance when they engage with other - whether they know it or not. And mostly, they don’t! A glimpse at the strange, fascinating world of Carl Jung’s “collective unconscious” and how it affects our everyday life. We use common everyday examples to explain the subconscious world of the archetype.

Module 6. Nuts and Bolts.

This Module clearly explains in simple terms your obligations and responsibilities as a health provider under NZ law. We look at OSH, ACC, the HDC, the HPCAA, ACOP’s………………yikes! Yes, you do need to know!

Module 7. Self-care for the carer.

Who looks after the person who looks after others? Skills and information to prevent stress and burnout. Supervision is mandatory in mainstream medicine and is becoming the norm in alternative professions as well. Just what is it? How does it help, and why do you need it if you are working with others?

Module 8. Complementary and Alternative Health care in NZ.

What’s out there, and how to connect with it. Includes a run-down on major modalities. This Module gives you an overview of most of the major CAM modalities available in New Zealand, including the history and often fascinating personalities involved. It will give you ideas, and perhaps help you to refer clients or choose allied modalities you might like to investigate.

Prospectus: Interpersonal, Communication and Practitioner Skills for holistic body workers and people who help others (199kb .pdf)